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Courgette and Gruyere Loaf – an exploration of a happy accident

You know what it’s like when you have a large bowl of grated courgette and wonder what to do with it? So I thought I would make a couple of sourdough loaves with the green and yellow vegetable, with added interest from some left over cheese, a dash of egg yolk and some chopped nuts.

A pair of courgette loaf experiments

A pair of courgette loaf experiments


Oh, but they were good. So I decided to do it again – more carefully. Equal measures of green courgette, yellow courgette, gruyere and walnuts, with the dough slightly enriched with milk. The courgettes provide so much liquid that you need add very little more.


The finished article: Courgette, Gruyere and Walnut Sourdough Loaf

A real hit! Great smell, great flavour and an interesting appearance.

Check out my buns!

My wife told them: ‘Oh, Phil will bake something for the event!’ And by 11am on the day she is calling me on the phone: ‘Are they ready yet?’

Baking a good bun takes time, even when you are not sure what you are going to do. I started by making a sourdough with some bubbly starter, Strong White Flour, salt and water, to create a base with some strong gluten. While that was rising, I gave some thought as to what, exactly, I was going to bake.

I decided I would do two types of rolled buns, one sweet and one savoury. The sweet one had dried fruits, soaked overnight in water, with the dough supplemented with butter, ricotta cheese, caster sugar, coconut ‘flour’ and some more Strong White. The fruit, once drained, was mixed with freshly ground spices (cinammon, cardamon and cloves, ground and sieved), flaked almonds and mixed peel.

The savoury was more of an experiment. I have mentioned earlier the Greek-style flatbreads with cheese and mint, so I thought I roll based on those would be interesting. The dough was supplemented with ricotta cheese, butter and very strong wholemeal flour and the filling was grated Halloumi cheese (which bakes down to nothing, like butter), cubed Feta, fresh mint leaves (coarsely chopped) and pine nuts.

Spiced fruit and almond buns in a coconut sourdough, with cheese, mint and pine nut savoury buns

Spiced fruit and almond buns in a coconut sourdough, with cheese, mint and pine nut savoury buns

I baked the fruit buns first, since I thought the cheese buns would be better hot, then rushed them up to the event.

It was only when people started tucking in that I realised: I didn’t actually know what they tasted like.

I had an extra batch, which I baked and had for lunch. They were lovely!