Monthly Archives: January 2015

My next baking demo: Secrets of Sourdough

The very wonderful Glennys Griffiths, Queen of Ewhurst Green, has invited me to present another baking demonstration, this time on the subject of sourdough.

Starting at 10.30am, Saturday, 14 February 2015 at the Arthur Herdman Pavilion, Ewhurst Green, East Sussex, I will be sharing my experiences in baking with sourdough, the old-fashioned, natural yeast that works slowly to give bread real flavour. Join me as I demonstrate the techniques for using sourdough in a range of baking, from traditional, artisinal loaves to a modern take on the English tea bread – all designed to be used by you in a normal kitchen.

Over two hours, we will cover: looking after sourdough; basic techniques; options for bread; adding flavours; other baking with sourdough; common problems and their solutions; tips and tricks.

Tickets cost £20 per person, including soup and bread after the demonstration. For bookings and more information, please contact: Glenys Griffiths, 01580 830491.