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The Scandinavians DO NOT Always Get There First …

Earlier, I mentioned my blackurrant swirled buns, where the fruit was made into a paste with the addition of butter and marzipan, Scandinavian style.  I wanted to try something a little less sugary, so decided to experiment with using peanut butter with the blackcurrants.

I made half the batch with the blackcurrant/marzipan/butter paste and half with blackcurrant/peanut butter.

Blackcurrant buns

Blackcurrant buns

The first thing to notice is that they appear identical.  Actually, the first thing to notice is that the wash of egg and a little sugar led to a slight charring on the extermities, which, of course, adds to their rustic charm, ahem.

My tasters agreed that you couldn’t really taste either the marzipan or the peanut butter; and that the marzipan made the buns very sweet, whereas the peanut butter gave the blackcurrants an enhanced richness (and a bit of crunch from the bits of peanut).  So it will be peanut butter from now on.  Unless …

A Nice Loaf of Sourdough

Yes, a good crust is nice to have – an attractive loaf is one of the pleasures of baking.  Sometimes, though, you just want to make something that tastes fantastic.

This was a wet dough (18% Spelt, 82% Canadian White), carefully slopped into a banneton to prove, scraped out again (duh – far too wet for a banneton!) and left for a while to settle down, too wet to shape properly, too wet for patterns on the top.  It actually looked like an elephant turd before I put it in the oven.

I know.  It’s a gift.

Good, old-fashioned sourdough

Good, old-fashioned sourdough

Gosh, but it was delicious!  A bread you can eat happily on its own (and tastes even better with a dash of unsalted butter).  The loaf lasted less than 24 hours.