Stale bread – Thai bread sauce

I collect uses for stale sourdough and make a point of ending my presentations by listing a few culinary and non-culinary uses for old bread.  I don’t get to try many – I like my bread and a loaf doesn’t seem to last long.

However, I made a loaf and went away for a few days and, when I came back, my wife had only eaten crumpets from Tesco.  I thought she might, so I had been giving some thoughts to adapting bread sauce recipes to fit the loaf, which was made with white, wholemeal and coconut flour, with coconut milk replacing half the water.

stale sourdough ready for the sauce

Stale sourdough ready for the sauce


I heated a pan of coconut milk and added Thai basil, coriander, various spices and seasoning.  Then I cooked through some plain button mushrooms, wilted some pak choi and set them aside.  I tore the bread up into little pieces and mixed in in with the strained milk, then added it all together.

Thai vegetables and mushrooms in a coconut and sourdough sauce

Thai vegetables and mushrooms in a coconut and sourdough sauce


Doesn’t look very appetising, does it?  It was OK.  Nutritious, I suppose.  Don’t think I’ll do it again.  There must be a way of making it more interesting …

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