About Phil the Baker


Hi. My name is Phil Harrison and I find bread fascinating!

There comes a point when baking bread becomes more than about providing food. Baking becomes a creative activity; the outcome something aesthetically pleasing and varied, capable of endless diversity in appearance and flavour; and the questions raised by the task lead to a growing scientific knowledge.

These days, I am often asked for help with baking problems. This blog is an attempt to share some of my experiences and my experiments – for better or worse! – and to offer some encouragement to others who mix flour, water, salt and yeast …

One thought on “About Phil the Baker

  1. John Brown

    Hi Phil,
    As your neighbour, and one of your tasters, I would just like to thank you for inspiring me to make bread. I now make an around 12 loaves a week, mainly for my family. We had a shared lunch, in Church, yesterday and my small contribution was a multigrain loaf – didn’t last long and received many compliments.
    Thanks for all the effort you put in to your experimentations with flour, salt, yeast and water (and various other ingredients, such as walnuts and pears, that you add in your experiments).



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